Access to the Enormous Chinese Medical Device Market

Annual Sales of medical devices are expected to increase at a rapid 16% CAGR  reaching $100 billion USD in 2020,
up from $53 billion USD in 2016.
Global Intellectual Property Rights and Vigorous Defense and Enforcement

TechBank Medical is mission-driven to establish superior patent positions in the Chinese market and vigorously defend these rights,
while respecting the rights of enabling North American and European patents
in order to create a portfolio of highly protective global IP rights.
We Lead Clinical Trials in China with Faster Enrollment and Lower
Cost Relative to the US

Our extensive network of hospitals & KOLs greatly enhances collaboration during clinical trials.
China’s large patient population provides an abundant pool of candidates for clinical trials,
with the costs  of clinical trials approximately 1/5th of  U.S. costs.
We are Structured for Rapid Technology Commercialization

TechBank Medical is fully-equipped with a proprietary investment fund, an in-house R&D team, a R&D center,
 and GMP manufacturing facilities.

Our Value


US hospitals and universities working with TechBank Medical can experience a faster commercialization process and reduce the time to market. The final products’ availability in the global market will maximize the value of the innovations. TechBank Medical has experience working with US hospitals and universities to rapidly translate leading innovations into the clinical settings faster than the traditional US start-up/spin-out model, resulting in a faster time to market and increased product sales.
Established and start-up medical device companies collaborating with TechBank Medical provides will see an active partner willing to secure and defend patent protection within the  Chinese market. Product development work with TechBank covers the spectrum from prototype development, to clinical trials, and large-scale manufacturing support. Additionally, the final products benefit  from an immediate entry into the fastest-growing medical device market.

Hospitals and Universities


Medical Device Companies


Direct Licensing
Joint-Venture with US Startups
Distribution in China

Business Model


License a technology or a portfolio of technologies from the U.S.

Work closely with Chinese hospitals/KOLs and engineers to develop prototypes, conduct clinical trials, launch devices in China, and eventually roll out to the world market with the clinical data ready from China

Pay patent fees/royalties based on commonly used deal terms for licensing in the US

Assist in filing Chinese patents with US startups for IP protection, expedite clinical trials by providing Chinese patients, and facilitate the CFDA approval process

Accelerate the launch of medical devices into the Chinese market by involving respected Chinese hospitals and KOLs

Offer flexible terms on investments, distribution  and commercial terms, marketing sponsorship, among other things

Work closely with Chinese hospitals/ KOLs to expedite clinical trials and facilitate the CFDA approval process

Accelerate the launch of the products into Chinese market by involving respected Chinese hospitals and KOLs and developing target marketing plan

Offer flexible terms on investments in clinical trial and marketing in China

1. U.S. institutions provide a summary of medical technologies available for licensing in the Chinese market, executing NDAs first.
5. US institutions and TechBank negotiate licensing terms.
4. TechBank performs due diligence on the technologies.
2. TechBank examines interesting technologies and provides feedbacks based on Chinese KOLs’ opinions.
3. U.S. institutions provide more details on selected technologies, with NDAs executed appropriately.
6. TechBank lined up top-tier hospitals and KOLs and sets up new companies in China.
7. TechBank makes the initial investment in the project companies and leads future funding efforts.
8. The Startup companies begin the commercialization in China, which includes further development by Chinese doctors, clinical trials, CFDA approvals, and manufacturing and distribution.

How to Work with TechBank


Interested partners are welcome to contact us at
13/F, 1518 Minsheng Road, Jin Ying Plaza, Tower B, Shanghai 200135, P.R. China +86 (21) 2028 3600
55 Rongyang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201613, P.R. China +86 (21) 2028 3600
R&D center and Manufacturing facility

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